Bison Sound

The Toronto based 3-piece Bison Sound have recently released their debut self-titled LP. The album is full of tracks just as powerful as their name implies and god it sounds good. Kickstarting the album is ‘So Fine’, a track full of chugging beats and commanding guitar riffs, it is a track the really sets the tone for the following tracks.

‘Under Everything’ quickens the pace and is one of those tracks you can immerse yourself into and have a good ol’ rock out to. ‘SweetTooth’, ‘Begin The End Again’ and ‘Heaven Help Us’ pass by in a blur of stomping beats and pulsating rock melodies until things slow down slightly in ‘I Remember’. This is a track thats hiding something dark and secretive and it comes through the notes of the song like some sort of twisted magic.

‘Time’s Up’ continues to slow the pace even more and could be perhaps considered one of the more emotional songs on the LP. Beginning with the pounding of drums that are later accompanied by zingy guitar plucks and smooth vocals, this is a climatic master-piece with alternating outbursts and whispers of emotion. The following track ‘Your Ghost Of You’ has actually been featured on Throwback Rock, a compilation from Factory Fast Records (read the review here).

The bass on ‘Sharks 2’ is almost mesmerizing and the waves of sound mixed with the shouts in the chorus make you feel like the trio have cast an eratic spell over you. ‘Dove’ and ‘Sonic Boom’ both feature hefty soundscapes while ‘All The Angels’ ends on an intriguing low. Most artists end their albums with a climatic track but Bison Sound have chosen a song thats slightly upbeat but still tinged with a level of sadness. Why? God knows. But it works. It has a memorable melody and, if I were to look back on the band, this is the song I would think to, kind of like Bison Sound summed up in just over 4 minutes.

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