Marco Mestichella // Troubled Water

The London based Italian, Marco Mestichella, is about to release his second EP ‘Troubled Water’. We actually reviewed Marco earlier this year. It is great to see how and when an artists begins to develop their music over time and Marco’s journey is a lovely one to look at. In January, we saw him producing cinematic, story-like songs but now he is experimenting with every variant of pop you think of and the result is spellbinding.

The new EP opens with ‘Vola Via’. This could possibly be my favourite of all the tracks on the release because of the ambience it creates, the Italian monologue which makes it seem close to the heart and the way something just clicks halfway through, allowing the melodies to evolve into more of a symphony than cinematic production, totally encapsulating Mestichella’s artistic development. The EP’s namesake follows, opening with a climatic drum roll and bursting into colour with the electronic high’s and low’s. The song sounds a bit like a refreshed 00’s track and, like the lyrics croon, “It feels so good inside”.

‘Treason’ takes on the appearance of an awakening, a sound which could parallel the glisten of sun through the trees. The track also features an oddly calming rap from Turan, adding an extra dimension to the laid back, synth laden song. ‘Savvy Stomper’ goes on to completely change the mood of the EP with its funkalicious melodies, upbeat brass sections and salsa vibes in the latter part of the song. You really can’t help but pout and move in time to the track, its just so full of attitude, making it a real focal point.

‘When The Sun Goes Down’ is a gentle giant, sounding like a total summer tune as it emulates warmth in its slow, tidal melodies. ‘I Should Have Stayed Home Tonight’, a track reworked by Annette Exner, sounds almost alien in the setting of the EP, it boats a light drum and bass chorus whilst Mestichella’s vocals echo and vibrate over the top. The remaining tracks are remixes of ‘Troubled Water’, I Should Have Stayed Home Tonight’, ‘Fragments of Light’ and ‘New Sensation’. All of the remaining 4 songs have club vibes to them, beefing up the already meaty EP.


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