Subway Rock

Our favourite record company have been at it again, they have produced yet another meaty compilation for us to indulge on. This compilation is total mix of things but ultimately focuses on prolonged instrumentals, making the tracks seem like jam sessions and giving a more relaxed feel to the whole LP. Album opener ‘Slow Drive Home’ by Finding Miranda creates this exact atmosphere, the easy melodies sounding like a slightly rocked up version of Cornershop’s ‘Brimful of Asha’.

‘Lately I’m Confused’ by Love Child has the illusion of being one of those great 80’s rock tunes, marking an unforgettable 3 minutes on the record. Following that is ‘Lousy Dice’ by Queen Bitch which features some really smooth vocals that just slide down your earlobes whilst the slow beat adds a mellow stomp to your step, making it a total feel good track.

Starting with a vaguely annoying glitchy start, ‘These Dark Days’ by Stab in the Dark burst into an unforgiving, fast-paced romp whilst the next song, ‘Rock up the Hill’ by Starkett Levee, is comparatively mellower, easing into a steady, heartfelt, powerful course. Both tracks show both the diversity of the compilation and how well the the alternate strains of rock can fit together.

The penultimate track, ‘Riddle of the Sphinx’ by UVTraveler, is a long, perhaps too long, rock jam. As soon as you play it you feel like you have fallen down the rabbit hole, there is so much dimension and variety within the 8 minute track that it is hard to feel rooted. And finally, ‘One Night Stand with a Ghost’ by The Deltorers is a grungy trip to heaven, tying up the LP perfectly.

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