Bullyheart have recently come out with a sparkly new album entitled ‘Antigravity’. The LP is full of groove and attitude, you can’t mess with this album but you sure as hell can join in the vigorous glam movement Bullyheart slap onto the table. Opening with the riffalicious title track, the constant wave of guitars hooks you and sways you, there is no changing song when this comes on.

‘Thin Air’ slows things down with mellower beats and melodies. But, thats not to say it acts as a depressant, the continuation of lustrous vocals and an odd tinge of psych could easily indulge a smile on anyones face. ‘No Pleasing You’ is infectious as the light ‘ooo’s raise sweet hell within your eardrums but the following track ‘How Was I To Know’ shows a completely alternate side to our powerful band. They drift off into a gentle slumber, oozing rocked up acoustics from all of its crevices.

‘Lost My Nerve’ begins lullaby style with unfocused strings that are later joined by clear cut vocals and drums, resulting in the creation of a dream-like trance. It’s shiver producing, goose-bump inducing and ultimately gorgeous.  ‘Panic Attack’ however seems to have drawn on country influences, its suggested in the melodies of the track and Bullyheart have mixed it superiorly with their power-glam sound.

Gentle giant ‘The Pendulum’ and reassuring ‘Shaken’ follow by boasting the bands symphonic musical bond whilst ‘There Goes My Man’ and ‘Stay’ bring the album to a close perfectly. ‘There Goes My Man’ has got similarities between the Pixies’ ‘Here Comes Your Man’ as both choruses have an empowering vocals worthy of an inspiring drunk perfomance at karaoke. ‘Stay’ is a sad parting of ways, voicing my own wishes for the album to continue. There are lighter moments however, the lyrics are full of disdain as ‘Whoever stole my smile is a jerk’ wafts through the air bringing an indulgent smile to your lips as you think of the revenge this past lover must be getting. It kind of reminds me of the Green Flag advert.

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