Lerloons, previously known as Paperpenguin, has recently released a new track entitled ‘Sopranos’. It is a slow, unwinding and groovy song, full of robotic beats and snowflake notes doting synthetic melodies. We actually got the opportunity to speak to the man behind the ambiance, here’s what he had to say:

Mytacism Music: What is your first memory of music?

Lerloons: This is a tough one. But I think it was this weird TV program when I was real young. It as about these moles from space and they would whistle to communicate. It wasn’t a cartoon, it was like someone got these mole toys and made a stop motion animation. I’ve forgotten the name completely. I wish I could watch (it) now.

What influenced you to start creating your own music? Was there a key event or song?

It was when my sister got a macbook. One of the old white plastic ones. I would always want to play on GarageBand to play different sounds then piano. I then started to play with loops and put them together in a pop song structure, very basic but fun. Then I worked that next whole summer and bought an iMac. I was that kid that didn’t smoke or go drinking in a bush somewhere so it was easy to save the whole summer. When I got my iMac I had looked up stuff about making music, I came across Ableton so I downloaded a cracked version and use Ableton to this day. I find it the best for creativity.

What normally inspires the creation of your songs? Was there an inspiration to your latest release?

This really depends on what music I will make. I can’t explain when I want to make a certain style, it just happens. For ambient music, I like to watch movies or play video games. Then sometimes the beat music I make is more of a question I ask “Could I listen to this while playing  GTA V?” or “Would it sound good in a club?” I also get inspired by listening to music on long journeys. I find art and photography help inspire me too. I’m very interested in film and game music.

The latest track came out of no where really. I named it ‘Sopranos’ because I just finished watching the tv show ‘The Sopranos’.

How do you approach the creation of a new song?

This varies, I could be messing with a synth or playing the piano. I have a bad habit of making loops and leaving them and starting new sessions. My laptop is full lol. Lately, I would make a simple beat and then play melodies over the beat. It starts as a mess-about but usually turns into a full track.

Is there something you want your music to tell people?

Not really. I make music because I like the making process. It’s fun. I don’t like the idea of trying to tell people to feel a certain way. I just hope my music does it. Lol thats so cheesy I know but that’s how I feel.

What caused the name change?


I was going to change from Paperpenguin sooner or later, it was more of a cartoon idea I have in my head. LERLOONS has some connection but not really. I have had the name LERLOONS in my head since the space moles.

Where do you hope you music takes you in the future? Any dreams/ambitions?

It would be dope to not worry about money, bills and shit and be able to travel world. Definitely be insane to work with artist I look up to. Meet new people. My big dream would be to live some where that is sunny and where I could try grow my own weed without any problems form the law. And have a wall so I could  paint and have BBQ every day. That would be sick.

Where can we find you in the future, both musically and not?

Well I am living in Ireland at the moment so come to ireland if you want to find me. Musically would be on Soundcloud, Youtube and Twitter.


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