Zibra // Great White Shark

With a push of momentum, ‘Great White Shark’ enters your orifices. And not only does does Zibra’s new track have a sickeningly repetitive beat, but it flaunts an addicting and cleverly sweet facade, one which hides something gloomy and sinister. Example A: The opening lines (“Twist your wrist like bubblegum / And your bones are popping one by one”) sound like something out of a psychopathic King novel. Example B: the sugary melodies that swim before your eyes for the short and sweet 2 min 47 second duration of the song begin to whirl and twirl, manifesting into something more than just a synth-pop layer cake. The reality of this song is that the underlying darkness is simply alluring to the mind, it’s like a crush on the most bad-ass guy at school.

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