Blade Of Grass

Despite the unassuming name, Blade of Grass are actually rather peculiar (in a good way of course). The band are swiftly on their way to captivating the thousands, sounding like the result of a psych dream rather than a psych band: they mix shockingly strong vocals with empty but outlandish melodies, creating an irresistible and alluring front.

Their most recent track, ‘She Was’, flaunts robust vocals which take centre stage of the track whilst, behind them, is a meandering drum beat and intermittent warped sound. The overall sound wakes you up with its clarity but then takes you somewhere far away too, making it a track full of conflicting factors but still, somehow, it just works. Whether its the climatic ending or just the abnormality of the melodies I don’t know, but it all gives a satisfying click as it fits into place.

Another older track worth checking out is ‘Dance To The Radio’. The song is a fast paced rumble, its unforgivingly danceable and induces a permanent smile on your lips, the cheerful melodies and reassuring lyrics massage away at any tension and sadness. If you can be down while this is on, you need to win some sort of prize, I’m serious.

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