Lost And Profound

The Canadian band ‘Lost and Profound’ are raring to go ahead of their new album, entitled ‘Goodbye Mine’, which is set to be released on the 12th of May. The album itself is comes alive with the sophisticated and robust lyrics that mix with the steady and cool melodies, conjoining to create a force of goosebump inducing sounds. Opening with ‘Superhuman’, the band immediately blow you away with their rawness, it sounds so stripped down and pure you can’t help but gasp.

Following on a gentler note is ‘Until It Broke’, a song which evolves into a gushing composition featuring almost hypnotic vocals. Both the title track and ‘Iodine’ are empowering and soulful tracks making them irresistible to sing-along to and simply heavenly to listen to. The song ‘Love’s Hard Landing’ is soothing and chilled whilst ‘Jewel’, fronted by male vocals, is more upbeat and daring, featuring a rock/country sound instead of the previous sophisticated indie sound.

‘Bad Sister’ and ‘Alcohol’ both flaunt the band’s signature sound and ‘Rover’ sounds almost magical with its sparkling intro which eases onto a touching and gentle flow, a song that is perhaps worthy of closing the album. ‘Spectre’ however does do a worthy job at closure, its strength and prowess ignites a shiver to slither down your spine.




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