Meresha. The 18 year-old produces some of the most insane sounds I have heard, all you can do whilst listening is shut your eyes and follow every beat, every synth-pop sound and every rise and fall of her delicious voice. It is like being consumed and its like being rejuvenized. It is everything at once.

Her new EP ‘New Revolution’ does exactly what it says in the tin: it revolutionizes whatever music taste you have. I have been converted to Meresha’s ‘grimey’ apparel and I’m pretty sure you will be too. Opening with ‘Lemonade City’, the youthful artist immediately confronts you with a sassy attitude, boasting that ‘We can make the tough boys cry’, which is accompanied by a sound to die for, the track sounding a lot like a dark Lana Del Rey track. Following that is the EP’s namesake, a song that whisks you off to some nightclub somewhere, full of lasers and smoke, sounding quite 80’s through the imposing electronic tones. It is inevitable for this one to get stuck in head.

‘You’ slows the EP down as Meresha opens herself up a little more, enveloping us in a lyrical feast. Her honey-like voice oozes  ‘My head is spinning like / I’ve been electrified’ and ‘I’m overcome with flames / This moment’s all I know / You’re pumping through my veins’, they’re the kind of lyrics you need to learn off by heart. ‘August’ ends the EP on a summer infused high, her words are more elongated than summer solstice and the warped electronics injects sunshine into your body.

Meresha’s aim is world domination. I’m pretty sure she’s got it.

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