Taylor Casey

We recently had the joy of asking Taylor Casey a few questions about his music and his new self-titled EP. The EP itself is smooth, groovy and easy going, Casey has basically created your summer soundtrack in 5 glistening songs.

Mytacism Music: Hi Taylor, lets start off with the thing that first thing that got you into music? 

Taylor Casey: I took guitar lessons for about a year or so when I was younger and played mostly just for fun until my last few years in college. Like most artists, I pretty much was never satisfied with my singing voice. Somewhere around college I finally grew into my voice. From there it took off.

And what made you think that you would create such an irresistible EP?

Well thanks first off, I wasn’t trying to create an irresistible EP – just trying to make music. I moved to NYC after graduating to take some music classes – one thing led to another and I was recording an EP about a year in. I didn’t move to NY to record – but it was always in the back of my mind. I just thought it’d be years from now.

What are your musical influences, listening to the EP there seems to be no end to the mix of genres and styles.

I like a lot of music – recently, I’ve been into the Alabama Shakes, Felice Brothers, Houndmouth, Jim Croce, Dylan, Dr. Dog, and Shakey Graves.

Could you run us through what you each song means to you?

I mean, I could, but I feel that takes away from the songs. I really enjoy how different people are able to find completely different meanings in the same song. Sometimes, when I hear someone else’s take on a song of mine – it can influence what the song means to me.The words lyrics in each song really say everything I really want to say.

Would you want your fans to have the same ideas about your music?

I’ve always been a fan of musicians and songwriters who are able to use words to spread ideas and make people think. I respect them for that. It’s easy to write a catchy song with cliche lyrics. I’d hope that my songs would make those who listen to it think – also, it’s okay if they dance. Dancing’s good.

The EP sounds very smooth and easy going, does this reflect the production of the release?

I’ve always been pretty easy going. Most of my friends would attest to that – sometimes too much so. But yeah, I had some pressure to speed up the production process but I wasn’t in all that much of a hurry. Patience was probably the biggest factor in the process. Because I spread it out over a few months – the songs continued to grow and change and be replaced with newer better songs. I didn’t have a precedent to compare to for how things were done so I did it my own way. It was my first time in a studio.


Where there any moments during this time which changed the EP’s original path?

I was pretty adamant about taking my time in the pre-production stage – choosing my best songs, making them better, figuring out how I wanted them to sound with a full band. It made it so when I finally went into the studio, I knew what needed to happen and how do make it happen.

Away from the music and the inspirational quotes on Twitter, what else do you get up to?

I’m pretty into surfing – I definitely miss it since I moved away from CA. I’m new to twitter, but someone else is helping me run my account right now so it’s chalk full of quotes – I delete anything I don’t like though.

What are your plans after the EP release? Is there a full album on the horizon or any gigs we can catch you at?

I moved to Austin, TX about a month ago – been playing a few acoustic shows around and am currently in the process of putting together a band. Hopefully I can get a tour going in the near future. Full album’s the next step.

And finally, do you have a last message for your fans?

Don’t listen to whatever music is marketed to you – be in charge of what you want to listen to and take the time to find music that you truly connect with. It amplifies the satisfaction that you get from the tunes.

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