Quiet As A Mouse // Memorybox

The last time we heard from the Scottish indie quartet ‘Quiet As A Mouse’ was in January, when they had just released their video to the exquisite ‘Oliviatown’. But, following gigs with the likes of Hinds and and the Palma Violets, the acoustic laden band are back to romance our ears with their divine EP: ‘Memorybox’.

The EP opens with ‘Snowflake’, perhaps not the title of a song you think of in the lead up to summer but it really is a gem. It streams gentle, neutral, loving tones and is one of those great tracks that has such a petite opening before it explodes, in this case, into a pastel colored daydream. Following that is ‘The Day The Cat Came To Stay’. This is 3 minutes of smiles: the title should make you chuckle, the upbeat tempo should make you happy and the need to ‘dance on your own’ to this track should make elation seep through your body like some sort of drug.

Whilst ‘Letter In My Pocket’ may make you think the band are on a jealous high as they ponder to poor old Charlotte ‘Why are all your friends men?’, it does feature a minimal rock infusion into their folk sound, making the song into a snippet of heaven. The EP’s namesake brings the release to end and is a pure high point, it features a pop-styled intro and cascading notes which burst into color as they brush your eardrums.

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