The Sinclair Sinclair

The Sinclair Sinclair, hailing from Estonia, have recently released their debut album ‘Breaking The Waves’. The 8 track LP is full of delirious electronics, wavering vocals and soul gripping soundscapes, making it an intimate and aberrant release. Opening with ‘Sirens’, the album is already off to ethereal start, each note sounds like its own spirit and the howls of Keit Kukk adds a celestial feel to the track.

The Sinclair Sinclair

Title track ‘Breaking The Waves’ begins to experiment with the pace a little bit, brooding into heavenly momentums. ‘Cosmos’ on the other hand takes a more constant tempo, flaunting sci-fi glitches and floating mirages.  Despite the primitive title, ‘Wild Man’ is full of gentle starts and delicate lyrics, producing a similar sound the the previous tracks.
‘Paradise’ seems to be the opposite of what it suggests, boasting dark tones and opening forcefully with “You still have the best of me”, perhaps becoming one of the best tracks on the album from its vaguely angsty nature. ‘Make Me’ features oriental tones and following track ‘Prangli’, reflects on the bands Estonian heritage, sharing its name with an island in Estonia. Both tracks produce a similar, electro heavy and harmonic sound which truly serenades your ears. ‘Tonight’ completes the album, it pulsates and becomes slightly down-tempo before its angelic ascent.

If I had to sum up the album in one word, it would easily be ‘divine’.

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