Tanks and Tears

The name ‘Tanks and Tears’ may conjure up images of war and pain yet this is not what the band are, its more of what they are made out of, their music suggesting the wars inside their heads. Their overall sound is like a reinvention of Joy Division’s good stuff mixed with Placebo’s rock phase, a combination that works insanely well. Luckily for us, the Italian trio have recently released their debut EP ‘Know Yourself’, a 5 track release full of detached vocals and relentless melodies for us to feast our ears on.

Tanks And Tears

Opening with ‘Hills Of Death And Blood’, the EP is off to a heavy start, each strum and lyric plastered with a raw sense of emotion. Following on a similar note is ‘Crappy Monday’. Whilst the song is more dystopian, it is enough to make any Monday morning journey slightly more worth your while. There is something unforgiving but addictive about this track, acting more as the dark fantasy you can’t rid your mind of than a bad start to the week.

‘Trying To Forgive’ dishes out more hard hitting riffs in a minute than anyone thought was possible, making it a track that would, naturally, be accompanied by a fast-paced light show and a sweaty, wild audience. On a slower note, ‘Danger’ crawls onto the scene, dragging an ominous intro with it. Breaking out of that intro however is a strong vocals which whirls within your eardrums like a lost specter, popping up goosebumps along every inch of your body. And, finally, ‘Song For Those Who Stay’ completes the EP. Moving away from the humor of the title, this is a fantastic track that could, and will, become your latest jam: its distant but boasts powerful vocals and has a fast enough tempo to get a good groove going without using up all of your energy. Irresistible right?

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