Little Brother Eli

Little Brother Eli bring to the table an interesting and addictive sound, they mix a strong bluesy sound with some heavy, skilled guitar chords. The only way the result can be described is as a sassy rock. The Oxford 5 piece have recently released a 3 track EP, offering a short but sweet clip of the bands inexplicable talent and inevitably providing the soundtrack to the next few days of your life. Yes, they are that good.

Little Brother Eli

‘Who Do You’ opens the EP with slaying guitar riffs and saucy vocals that slide into your ear with a flick of flair. All you need to know about this song is that it is one of those ‘pull sassy faces and sing at the top of your lungs’ songs that enters your top 25 most played playlist on your iPod within a few weeks. ‘Dreams’ then follows in expert form. A guitar dominated, power vocal-ed, relentless form. The highlight of the EP however has to go the final track, ‘Hanging’. It mixes a distinct country sound the already beefy melodies making something so irresistible that you get goosebumps. It’s courageous, it’s resilient, it’s formidable . It’s simply amazing.

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