The Best Of… June (and March, April, May)

As I write this I am in sweltering heat, behind schedule and slightly hungry, but I am also extremely happy. Even with our little move to our better looking home you are still checking out what we have to say and that makes me one very happy person. So I would (again) like to thank you all for reading our small part of the internet. And, to celebrate both this and our more frequent posting abilities, I give you the best of June (and the previous months, just incase you missed them):


5. Blade Of Grass – This west coast duo make such invigorating sounds that is is hard not like, if not love them. One listen and I bet you will be replaying those warped electronic melodies in your head for hours.

4. Marco Mestichella – It is the run up to his EP release and Marco Mestichella has forced all of his Italian ‘Illpop’ power into every one of his electronic/pop/rock cocktail tracks which are sitting patiently, waiting to take over your daily playlist.

3. Dan McCarthy – McCarthy is a man who produces the most elegant, gentle and heart fluctuating tracks, I’ve heard. Whether this is from his simple authenticity as an artist, I don’t know, but what I do know is that it is beautiful.

2. Lost and Profound – Having just released their album ‘Goodbye Mine’, the Canadian duo are your go-to people for something full of robust vocals and goosebump inducing melodies.

1. Meresha – Meresha is one amazing young girl. She makes a commanding sound that you simply submit too, letting it wash over you like a cool shower on a stupidly hot day. If you don’t listen to her music you are simply losing out.


5. Young And The Blue – If you are looking for some fiesty rock, you are about to listen to the right band, these guys have just released an EP entitled ‘Change Your Mind’, a release full of fast-paced melodies perfect for blocking out the thought of a bad day.

4. Neutronic – Only just reviewed, this duo make some of the best electronic music I’ve heard over the past few months, their down-tempo melodies sound just right for it to take over of your mind in a gentle siege of vocals, beats and synths.

3. The Yellow Traffic Light – Perhaps one of my favourite psych groups at the moment, these Italian shoegaze-ers make some seriously dreamy stuff that transports you to a land of beauty.

2. The Sinclair Sinclair – Divine, haunting and soul gripping, The Sinclair Sinclair make some seriously deliciously delirious music, all of which can be found on their new album ‘Breaking The Waves’.

1. Little Brother Eli – A definite favourite, their bluesy rock sound is something to relish and savour. The vocals are sassy, the melodies are heavier and every component flaunts it’s stuff like there’s no tomorrow, which means you should be listening to them like there’s no tomorrow.



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