Joining the recent surge of talent from Italy is Afterwards, a band who vigorously produce a dreamy rock sound similar to the likes of DIIV, albeit focusing perhaps more on the rockier tones. The young band are already onto releasing their second EP ‘Rage’. The 4 track release sounds like a dream tinge rock out sessions, they mix heavy pelts of guitar with some psych sounding plucks, accumulating into what seems to be a pained sleep. These factors are what make the rapid-fire, mind-stealing release that you end up needing to listen to.Afterwards

The first track that confronts your ears is ‘Abigayle’, a song that bursts out of nowhere with the shudder of guitars. The verses feature the sort of guitars found in Peace’s ‘Bloodshake’ before shredding that coat for heavier chorus, rolling into something worth a head-bang at the very least. ‘Gloom’ follows, taking on a more somber note to the previous energy in ‘Abigayle’. The vocals take center stage in this track and the simple ‘oooooh’s of the chorus make it impossible not to sing along to. The finale of rushed strength to this song would also make it the perfect track finish an energetic live performance.

‘Something New’, perhaps the best track on the EP, targets their dreamy stature more, vibing softened lyrics, gentler guitars and a slower beat than that in their previous material. It is a sound that works, really works, but loses them some of their identity found in their darker sounds. Final track, ‘The Unattainable’, is a glorious ending, it raises every inch of your soul to the high heavens with its glassy sound, its rush of momentum assaults your heart until you’re left restless an emotional, it is just one of those songs that no one fully forgets.

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