Venus Rising

You may remember Venus Rising from our visit to The Acoustic Festival of Britain where we discovered their lovely happy-go-lucky styled sound. I am now very proud to report that they have not dropped that trade mark in their first ever single ‘Lazy Daze’. The Cheshire based band have actually already reached 13 in the singer-songwriter charts on Reverbnation, a large feat considering the fact their first official note was released yesterday.

The single is basically the sound of a smile, the sound of elation and the sound of relaxation. Think of happy and ‘Lazy Daze’ encompasses it within a rock-tinged folky hug. Having listened to the track on repeat for about 20 minutes I can honestly tell you that there is a smile on my face and serotonin moving through my veins like they are taking part in some sort of happy dance. It is that good. One thing you should keep your ears peeled is the chuckle at the end, if that doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy, I don’t know what will.

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