Go!Zilla make some pretty cool sounds. Simply made up of a trio of Italians, they produce some strong vibes that can only be defined as ‘Grundgedelic’, a seamless mix of grunge/punk and psych. It may seem odd but it sounds brilliant. You can hear all of their grungedelic sounds in their new album ‘Sinking In Your Sea’, 10 perfectly executed tracks of heaven. ‘Melting’ opens the album, it’s intro sounding like the band have literally run up to your ears to play. It eases into a dancable, sing-along-to track that would really do the trick as the opening one of their many gigs.


The title track follows on in a darker form, sounding more relentless regardless of the placid guitar riffs. The vocals are smooth with an added rawness and the finale is a killer, an authentic sounding guitar takes center stage and plays with no restraints. ‘Looking In The Mirror’ channels the sounds of a western shootout, it’s a quietly angry track which gets more furious until the ending where it seems to sassyily click in your face, knowing full well it has won whatever argument was tacking place. The album also features quite a few fast-paced, raucous tracks including ‘I’ve Seen A Riot’ and ‘I Hate All The Time’, both track snarl and bare their teeth in an angsty explosion. ‘Pollution’ can also be added to the unruly ranks, it’s a track that acts out of control and jumps around on your new, white sofa with muddy feet in an act of rebellion.

Having tired themselves out in ‘Pollution’, ‘Hiding Away’ has literally taken a chill pill, contrasting some slow, punk melodies with that dreamy, psych voice in a down-tempo hotchpotch. ‘Drown In Your Thoughts’ regains the albums speed however, focusing predominantly on machine like drums and fuzzy guitars, it whirls into a monumental momentum before screeching to a halt where vocals take control again. Just before the album comes to a close we also get a look at Go!Zilla’s more feisty side in ‘Rubbish Mind’, the track boasting some seriously gnarly vocals. The band have really saved the best till last with ‘Xilitla’. The song is almost a soundtrack to the location, a tribal and slightly spooky sound to match the untouched culture that lives there. The ghostly vocals create a midnight mirage and the melodies take a sly meander through time. I must admit though, I am not a fan of the ending. It suddenly drops its tribal sound and reverts to the staple sound, loosing a lot of the track original allure.

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