Lost Polaris

Lost Polaris is an enigmatic music project lead by Hunter Mischnick, a guy who seems to really know his glitched sounds. Lost Polaris’s new EP, ‘Selective Deafness’, is full of experimental noises, made up of the sounds from circuit bent gadgets and analogue synthesizers, it is a genre spanning and completely unique release.

The opening track ‘Cordyceps (Oh How She Feigns)’ immediately immerses you in the odd, experimental sounds that makes Lost Polaris who they are. As it begins, you do get an ‘oh no’ feeling but, by the time the vocals start, you are in love. The glitched melodies ease into the flow of the track and the harmonized vocals add a layer of gold to the song, so, by the time the track is over, you will want more. But, not to worry, as ‘Passing of the Doldrums’ can fill that desire. Whilst it does lose its techno touch, the track is a beautiful and soft example of the bands genre spanning ability, flaunting a pop/rock style. ‘Washington on the Brazos’ mixes both styles of the previous tracks in a very short but sweet clip of light notes and dark beats. And then, continuing on another completely different tone, is ‘Avenoir’, a soulful, loving, vocal based song that builds into a heart-swelling finale of orchestral sounds. There is still a techno side to the track however, mixing in a warped sparkle here and there.

This EP is something really magical.

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