Those Handsome Animals

Born out of a frustration for modern music, Those Handsome Animals have released a 4-track EP to save us all from the repetition in the charts. And, I think they have been successful. As soon as ‘Hits’ opens with ‘Doing Fine’ the listener is immediately refreshed from the strain of pop. The EP itself also contains a mixture of sounds, each song varying slightly in the melodies and tone as they shift from the topics of escape to even the housing crisis in London.

Those Handsome Animals

‘Right For The City’ may be my favourite track, it boasts a chirpy riff and those irresistible vocals that sound fuzzy, raw and heated. ‘Away Again’ doesn’t lose the vocal power either, the melodies seemingly under its command like it’s the Pied Piper of Hamelin. The track also has a lot of energy, feeling a bit like a bouncing spring. The change in track happens seamlessly, it’s hard to differentiate the opening to ‘Home Pt.1’ from ‘Away Again’, both the melodies and the beats sound quite similar. However, about 50 seconds in, the sound finally changes into a new being, creating a completely new personality for the song. The vocals in this track are impossible not to sing along to, perhaps after hearing the chorus of them being sung at a gig, the house crisis will be faced with some form of a revolution.

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