Zoya is a delicate and mellow artist who produces some of the most gorgeous vocals you will ever hear. There’s a jazzy tinge to each of her tracks yet she would would really be at home in the land of acoustics, each track on her new album ‘The Girl Who Used To Live In My Room’ is laid bare amongst a collection of string and wind instruments, open for every listener to completely lose themselves in as they peel back each layer in every melody and lyric.

The album greets your ears with ‘What’s Done Is Done’, a gentle and caressing track that starts by taking it slow before revealing some true, irresistible zest. With ‘Swim’, Zoya seems to step out of her shell more, releasing some more power from her envy inducing voice. ‘Her Belly’ however is a complete masterpiece, it’s odd and oddly beautiful, the opening chirps away in your ear like a new hatchling before growing into her skin and casting a fairy-tale within your mind. As the track gains momentum Zoya unleashes an angry snap, spitting out her words as she strikes, the melodies attempting to catch up in a rushed whirl of action.

‘Lunar Eclipsed’ begins with the delicacy of a butterfly amongst the flora before becoming something that you could be whisked away on, becoming more lively and vibrant, causing a big smile to spread across your face in a shuddering elation. The elation continues into ‘Hold On’, a track that entwines it’s fingers with yours, pulling you away from real life on  trip that could match Alice’s in Wonderland. ‘Come Out And Play’ acts on a different note, the melodies are jazzy and slightly flirtatious, telling her audience “I know you need me more”, knowing full well she has bound her audience with the magic of her voice.

Zoya also isn’t afraid to explore other cultures with her music, seeking out a homage to her Indian heritage with a twist in ‘Catch And Release’ and her title track before uncovering some Italian influences in ‘She Was’. Closing the album is ‘Letters To Tosca Live’, a gentle and stripped back song which is later joined by a heart swelling instrumental in a magic crescendo, ending the album perfectly.

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