Kai Altair

Kai Altair is more exotic and dreamier than a trip to a desert island with the man of your dreams. She’s dangerous, she’s daring and she’s mysterious. She’s all you’ll ever need in an album. And it’s easy to see in her new release ‘Dreamwalker’, an 11-track LP full of dark beats, twisted electronic sounds and an enchanting voice that stops you from pressing pause. The opening track has a name worth the caption of an Instagram picture and allows you to slowly enter the caves of riches awaiting. ‘Draw Down The Moon’ is simple and completely effective, it’s focused mainly on her powerful voice and the melodies just seem to dance around it, under its command.

‘Shadow Dance’ has more of a musical input, beginning by sounding like the throb of a club, it erupts into a tribal like electronic explosion that completely sweeps you off your feet. ‘Mama Ocean’ follows on in a more placid tone, featuring gulping drums and quiet melodies, there is still a tinge of sadness to each sound within it. But, before you feel too down, Kai Altair emits love in ‘Change’, serenading and encompassing you with those rouge sounds. Her lead single, and rightfully so, is ‘Ancient Future’. This is a track that’s so full of zesty vocals you feel romanced as they shimmer in a dimmed electronic landscape.

Don’t get too used to all that love however, ‘Big Cat’ does everything in its power to remind you that Kai Altair is a lot cooler than you. If this track was an animal, it would be a lioness, creeping around you with a sly pad of it’s paws, swishing it’s tail in a sassy flaunt as it focuses those powerful eyes on your soul.  The remainder of the album disappears into a well executed mist of electronics, Indian inspired drumming and robust vocals, ‘Inside A Dream’ features a more dark and industrial tone before ‘She Holds Me’ radiates a tenser atmosphere. ‘Curiosity’ ends the album extravagantly, reminding me of a Bronte novel set in the Yorkshire Moors. It begins with a sad, alienated sound before the gallivant rising of notes for the finale, reminding us all that happy endings do, sometimes, exist in spectacular fashion.

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