You Are Number Six // Lensflares

You Are Number Six, aka Theo Lefebvre, is a French man who basically brings us a refreshed 80’s/90’s electronic, new wave throwback. In his new EP, ‘Lensflares’, he produces some irresistible electro sounds, all created from various devices such as his synth, drum machine and guitar delays. All this makes an EP more worth listening to than all the hours of watching Netflix you had lined up for later. That’s right, you should be listening to this instead of binge watching the ‘Walking Dead’ at 1 am in the morning. ‘Lensflares’ does features some tracks we’ve previously had the honor of reviewing, tracks like ‘Palimpest’ and ‘Forever Through Time’ gained our affections back in January when we first fell in love with YAN6’s musical talents.

The EP opens with ‘Treat Me Like A Ghost’, a track which serves as a synthed up short intro which gears you up for the waterfall of currents and sparks laying in wait. The title track sounds gently beautiful but you can tell it secretly wields a huge power, masked under the layers of computerized notes and the lie that states “Truth is I’m really boring”. We all know that that is a lie Theo. ‘Lensflares’ is then followed up with ‘Pressure’ which holds and uncanny resemblance to a few Blur tracks. It’s daring and blunt and the melodies have a jovial air to them.

‘Afterparty Dancefloor’ is down-tempo but infectious, it hammers in some repetitive beats to keep you company whilst reflecting the true events of the late night party, he repeats “We used to talk” and “I used to not cry” before going on to say “I’ll be dancing till the morning comes”. I guess we all know where to find him at night now. Penultimate track ‘Under The Night Sky’ walks past you with an air of cool, it’s chin held high and some nifty shades on. It’s a song of losses and acceptance, there’s a hint that Theo has seen the darkness and a reminder of the lack of real life happy endings: “I was fine, look at me now”, “Where did all your dreams go / I know where my dreams are now”. It’s attractively dark and mysteriously fancy.

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