10 Acts To See At Nozstock 2015

With Nozstock fast approaching we thought it was time to take a very serious look at this years line up and give you a little direction on who to see and where, we know it can get a little flustering sometimes. So I present to you the first ’10 Acts To See At Nozstock’, in this one we scoured The Orchard Stage and The Garden Stage and, despite the several hours we spent on this, we have still only scratched at the surface of this years festival, it’s gonna be a good’n.

The Orchard Stage:

The main stage is saturated with incredible talent from various genres this year so we decided to find something for everyone, we picked for you the rosiest apples from the top of the tree.

Will and the People 

Despite looking slightly mad (all the best people are mad), these guys make some pretty nifty tracks, full of pop and high spirits, it’ll be hard to stop yourself from moving to their upbeat melodies.

Hannah Trigwell

Expect a truly beautiful performance from this wonderful women. Trigwell makes some smooth, effortless acoustics that will bring both a tear to your eye and a smile to your mouth, she is simple and honest in her music, forcing a swell in your heart as her voice slides into your ear with the ease of water.

Hollie Cook

Seeping happiness and good vibes is Hollie Cook, her Jamaican styled music only looks up and will warm you up regardless of the weather conditions, an very important factor considering Blighty’s good ol’ weather conditions.

Arkon Fly

If you want a party, Arkon Fly has you covered. Their beats will sliver down your spine all the way to your feet, forcing them get moving. You’ll get goosebumps and an infection of the mind, there is no room for disappointment in their set. Trust me, you will be impressed.

The Black Tambourines

This band will supply you with all the rock you’ll need for the weekend, their description on Facebook is ‘Music for people that don’t give a fuck about you’ and I think it puts their sound down perfectly.

The Garden Stage:

From DJ sets to reggae, there is no end to the variants on this stage too. Every artist has one of those sparks that made it so hard to pick out these artists but tried. Hard.


There was no way I couldn’t include Beardyman in this list, he is genius. Who doesn’t love a bit of electro improvisation?

Cut Capers

This group look like one of the most fun acts you’ll see all weekend, just their video’s make you want to get moving so God knows how much people will be moving at their live set.

Ella Martin

You will literally be blown away by this girl. She has a beautiful and unique voice that will no doubt serenade everyone in her audience and her accompanying melodies are simply exquisite.

Disco Panther

If you need a pick me up these guys have got you covered. They have some jazzy, upbeat melodies that force you to dance and I honestly can’t wait to see what these guys will have to offer at the weekend.

Poor Old Dogs

Their name sounds honest and their music is even more so, they open themselves up to the audience in a fast-paced folk-come-ska favoured performance. They’ll make you smile and they’ll make you dance, what more would you want?

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