Monster Jaw

If you want a pure and original sound, Monster Jaw’s ‘Basement Sessions’ EP has got you covered. Trying to capture the authentic sound of a live show whilst losing the effect of over-dubbed music, Monster Jaw recorded their third EP straight onto tape, all unedited with the slight exception of the vocals for quality purposes. The band want you to listen to EP ‘start to finish in a quiet atmosphere, preferably in the dark, with black coffee and a joint’ and I totally agree. It is one of those releases that will haunt your memory as something special so you need to ceremonialise it’s first listen or you won’t get the full effect of the magic made here. I mean, only include the joint if you have experience in that area, I don’t want to be held responsible for any adverse reactions.

Monster Jaw

Opening with an intro of glorious, ghostly, authentic guitar fuzz, you are immediately entered into everything you are about to encounter in ‘Basement Sessions’. ‘Love’ follows in suit, its messy and its grungy, it’s everything that you should love and it’s the only thing you’ll have in your head for awhile. Trust me, you will be repeating the chorus wherever you go. ‘Never Change’ reminds me of Wheatus’s ‘Teenage Dirtbag’, not because I can envision Monster Jam playing at a school prom in a full tracksuit set but because of those quiet but honest vocals that gain a spur of power every now and again, making you want to get in on those cacophonies. Ending on a nigh high is ‘Feel It’, completely changing the tone. ‘Feel It’ is like what leathered skin would sound like; tired but with the sign of experience and age, it’s not a bad sound but it doesn’t completely match the youth and energy en-capsuled within the rest of the EP, perhaps losing a bit of it’s magic. Overall though, it’s a killer release.

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