The Everglows // Two Minute Hero

Our favourite 60’s hero’s are back with yet another brilliant track. How do they do it so regularly, we don’t know. But what we do know is that ‘Two Minute Hero’ has actually shed it’s heavy 60’s influence and swapped it for a 60’s streaked rock sound. Gone are the mod reminders but present are the busy drum beats, lamenting vocals and authentic guitar sounds. If you look closely enough there are the throwback sounds, but we may not be able to don them our era kings for much longer, The Everglows may be moving on with their sound.

It might be heavy break up but the new sound is good enough to at least try and fill that gaping hole. There is a twitching riff that sparks light into what would be a bland rock sound and Andy Smith’s vocals are different enough to give the track a personality. He tell’s us to ‘Find another hero’, it’s almost like he’s telling us to rid ourselves of their blue, red and white sound. Almost. He is, in fact, talking about your 15 seconds of fame, an interesting subject to be brought up and it makes some pretty good lyrics if you don’t mind me saying. So lay your ears on new era Everglows, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

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