If you like seeing masculine looking men dressing up as women to music then look no further, Deepshade have you everything you’ll need. The three rockers have released their debut single ‘Tattoo’, a slaying, riff filled track that is accompanied by a darkly humourous video that you’ll find yourself watching repeatedly, both for the video and the music.


‘Tattoo’ is steady and empty, it’s all about the vocals and David Rybka’s fascination with a girl. That is until we hit the chorus. It runs at you with little relent and it seems that it’s only purpose is to vent in a spiraling move of anguish. The chorus sounds grungy and loses its pure rock feel from the verses, giving the track it’s personality. It’s song just works, it sounds killer and it will get stuck in your head all day. Not in the annoying advert jingle sort of way but the sort of way when you can sing the song word for word, air guitar the whole track riff for riff and hammer out on the table beat for beat. Absorb yourself in this little track of rock heaven, and then go annoy your friends with it until they like it to.

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