Rare Facture

Released on the 30th of June, Rare Facture’s debut album ‘Light In The Dark’ is one to behold. It’s full of a mix of synth-pop and dance music that combine to make a glassy and light sound, one that sends shivers down your spine and would match perfectly with some strobe lighting. While a small percentage of the LP borders on sounding like 00’s Kylie Minogue, there’s a refreshing feel to most of the tracks, it’s almost as if your being cleansed with the Salt Lake duo’s magical concoction. This is a late night album, needed to be accompanied by a drink and a dusky dance floor where you can loose yourself in the synths and beats.

There is some tracks that really stick out on the album and album opener ‘Say Something’ is one of them. It descends you into all of that pulsating environment as it sings in your tales of love; “Say something, anything at all / Will you stay beside me and protect me from the fall?”. The melodies gain height and swing you from the rafters, your heart will be swelling and your smile will be growing, it really is irresistible. ‘Oxygen’ and lead single ‘Nothing Matters’ both feature sonic swells and boundless beats that worm their way into your mind for a peaceful take over, you’ll find yourself moving to these tracks in a down-tempo nirvana. Another of my favourite tracks is the last on the album, ‘High Above’. It has a different texture to it than the other tracks, it’s personality is even more so sonic and it’s more of a dawn track instead of the night-time feel to the rest of the songs, ‘High Above’ ends the album with a perfect sunrise over the ocean.

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