What Else? | Nozstock 2015

We have already given you some sort of outline on who to see at Nozstock this year but as you begin to pack up those necessary festival items, you can’t help but wonder where else you are going to find yourself this weekend, right? Well again we can offer a few pointers, whether its the Bandstand or Laughing Stock, we’ve scouted the line up to bring you what we think will be the best stages to head to.


A personal favourite of mine, House Of Lions will be taking to the Bandstand and has one of those perfect indie sounds that make them irreplaceable an unmistakable. They will, of course, be sitting among a wealth of great talents on the Bandstand such as that from HMS Morris who have recently played Glastonbury and Super Furry Animals supporters White Noise Sound who will really make the Bandstand a stage to be noted.


The cubicles are where you can fulfill all of your drum ‘n’ bass desires. From the likes of Billy Daniel Bunter and Dillinja to Remidy MC and  Octo Pi, there is no way you can be disappointed at this stage.


Party the night away here to the grime/dub-step rhythms of P Money or heavy bass from Deadbeat UK or you can even get down to the reggae sounds of the Mad Professor, you are completely spoilt for choice here.

Swing Theory

This stage is saturated in insane electro swing sounds, perfect for a new age throwback. The delights of this weekend will come from acts such as Wolfie Razzmatazz, C@ in the H@ and Jaxon.

 Laughing Stock

It’s pretty easy to assume this will be one of the happiest stages at the festival, you’ve got a bill headlined by the wonderful Seann Walsh who will actually make you laugh instead of inspiring a smirk (I saw him at Reading last year so I can 100% vouch for it), his vine/podcast brother Mark Simmons and complete absurdest John Kearns. Better than the Apollo right?

See you on the otherside

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