Burning Astronomers

Burning Astronomers make a beautiful folk rock sound that will wrap it’s arms around you in a soothing hug. In each track they inject real feelings and emotions that are immediately conveyed, you can tell how real these songs are to the artists who created them, it’s not just some musical outlet, it’s a raw and emotional outlet and the result is truly deafening with its magic. Their songs have beautiful stories behind them too, making them all the more special.

Burning Astronomers

This is especially true for ‘Red Van’, written about a deceased brother, it features some beautiful lines; “It’s not how I wanted you to be free / torn from us all in the night, well what can I say? / The universe needs you so I’ll never see you again”. The melodies are smooth and cool, the heightening volume really gets into you and your eyes will definitely struggle to hold back the tears the first time you really listen to the track. It’s one of those ‘together’ songs, if and when this song is played live, you can easily envision the lighters flickering in the air, the arms around the shoulders, the swaying and, most importantly, the lyrics being shouted by every member of the audience in a state of awe.

Their latest track ‘Peaceful Psychedelia’ shares similar traits. As it’s opening lines usher, “It’s beautiful”. The melodies are slow, steady and caring, gently holding your hand as they gently explain all of it’s emotions in a symphonic crescendo of notes, tones and heart. If these tracks are anything to go by, they have a breath-taking future ahead of them.

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One response to “Burning Astronomers

  1. Found some notes written by the driver of the Red Van today, quite by accident. My hear melted having been seeking a sign. Rock on Burning Astronomers, All the very best to you 🙂 ❤


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