Latenite Automatic // Voices

Latenite Automatic’s latest track ‘Voices’ has completely blown me away. Their last release ‘Thief In The Night‘ was amazing but this has been taken to a new level. Maybe their move to Austria has helped channel all of their musical talents, there might be something in the water around there. But a whole new texture has been given to their music, previously it was more experimental and, in comparison to this, a bit amateur and now it’s composed in a hard hitting perfection.

Opening with a metallic drum beat and croaked vocals, you’re immediately placed away from your body. I can’t describe the location but it’s dark and mysterious, your heart will be pounding but you will feel kick-ass. It gives you a shot of adrenaline before moving from a dark electronic atmosphere to a nearly pure rock one. The vocals are in touching point of shouting and there is a cacophony of beats and guitar notes. It’s hard to concentrate whilst playing it at a justice giving volume but it’s not hard to relish in it’s power. The noise suddenly disappears and then your left with melodies which make you feel devastated, the exact emotion you should feel as the song exits the airwaves.

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