Department M

Dapartment M is a glimmering synth-pop project, full light and dark notes which create an alternate world for you to explore, one full of smoke screens and dusty lights and mystery. It’s an exhilarating world to be entered into. The Leeds four piece have their single ‘Bleak Technique’ ready for release on the 7th of August as a 7″ inch single and I can tell you it’s going to an exciting release from them. If the single is anything to go by, we’ll be on our knees for the debut LP.

Department M

‘Bleak Technique’ opens with a snaking synth, a barrel of beats and a sweep of sleek vocals. The song gains it momentum and we are introduced to the glass vocals of Snow Fox, giving the song a haunting feel to it. You’ll get goosebumps, you’ll get a shiver down your spine, you’ll get an addiction to the sound. You’ll be swooning for this song before long.

Twitter / Facebook / SoundcloudBandcamp (Preorder the single) / YouTube


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