Pearl Charles

Having accidentally stumbled across Pearl Charles’ music in the vast void of Soundcloud, I was immediately in love with her sound. It snakes around you, caresses you and you’re forced to give in to her free sound. You’ll end up loving it even if it isn’t what you’d normally listen to. It’s not long till her record release either, set for the 28th of July it looks like it’s going to receive a deafening response following all the praise her singles have received.

Pearl Charles

‘You Can Change’ is a jaunty exposure to her love lost, crooning about how she “Just can’t make you mine”, she mixes a variety of sounds to create melodies which flood your veins and pump you with happiness and a stoic attitude. Her latest track ‘I Ran So Far’ focuses on a country sound this time but is still full of girl power. This song will leave you wary of the fact Pearl Charles could probably act like a Bond girl, her strong allure will leave you off your guard and who knows what will happen then.

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