Having only come together earlier this year, Downers have a perfected grunge/rock sound that is about to be unleashed in all of its glory on the 1st of August in their second EP ‘Noose’. The four piece match some heavy, fuzzy guitars with some sleek vocals and unforgiving drums which acculmanates into a sound you cannot contain. Even as I listen to it now, I can feel it clawing at the door, awaiting it’s release.


The three track EP opens with ‘Graze’, a 5 minute long piece of beauty. It begins with a kick of beats and twanging guitar before making way for some distant vocals in a spine-tingling collaboration. It’s smooth but ragged, a combination of textures that really lets you know that you should be watching this band very closely. Remaining songs ‘Erased’ and ‘Grown Out’ almost live up to the power of ‘Graze’ but not quite. They do however continue to  flaunt all of the bands abilities, both suggesting inspiration from Nirvana and ‘Erased’ hinting at a sprinkling of Linkin Park, they complete and exciting EP that is sure to start building up the name ‘Downers’.

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