Nozstock Pt.1

Let me introduce you to another world…

If, during the latter part of July, you are in serious need of an escape then I know where you need to go; Nozstock. It’s a place for the free-spirited, the danceaholics, the music lovers and even the energetic kids. It caters for every need: it has well priced food, drink, a kids area that made me want to a toddler again, every type of music genre and, above all, tractors to pull you out of the mud. I know, it sounds brilliant. It was. And I got the chance to experience it all first hand last weekend (24th-26th July).

My Saturday kicked off with Rebecca Clements, a lady who, despite her young age, produced a simply glittering acoustic set, full of passion and a perfect rendition of The Cure. She helped you to forget about Friday’s left over mud just a little bit. Half an hour later, Last Tree Squad followed up perfectly with a performance that forced you to move to their reggae vibes, that got you to shake off any speck of mud left on your body. They fully woke you up in prep for the day. Inscape on the Bandstand helped with the wake up call too, they delivered a fervidly loud sound, filled with riffs and a relentless spirit.

Back over at The Orchard Stage, The Scruff had taken over entertainment duties. It was sweaty, exhilarating and completely smile inducing. It sounded like they’d never rest and you kind of hoped that they wouldn’t too. But there was no need to worry when their set was over, Ashley Sey on The Garden Stage had all good vibes you needed; it pulsed, beated, was full of effortless raps and opened with a killer remix of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ ‘I Put A Spell On You’. GreenPop co-founder Jeremy Loops then stole the limelight, armed with his loop peddles and several collabs, he made his audience bounce in an effortless ‘modern folk’ showdown.

The next act I saw was perhaps one of my favourites of the day: Rozelle. As gentle as a gazelle, they soothed our souls with a gorgeous, ethereal sound. Judging by their dreamy tones, their soon to be released EP is going to be a good’n. Now, I don’t know if you remember or not but in our ’10 Acts To See At Noz’ post but we mentioned Arkon Fly who we promised would get you moving and covered in goosebumps. Well, my friend, they sure as hell delivered. They were the first band of the day to attract a fully moving crowd full of free spirited dancers. They were so good they even got a pair of pink aliens dancing.

Then JOLTA came to rock my world just as much as they shook those shiny locks. You couldn’t stop watching them and not just because of your hair envy, every note just hooked you completely. But not as much as the fun fueled set Skinny Lister gave us, it was the perfect music to dance down the sun to. I put a pause to the music after their set to go and watch Seann Walsh at Laughing Stock who, after accidentally scaring a minion shitless, performed a set that made all of the crap in your life seem that little bit funnier.

It was then time for The Computers to take over The Bandstand. Literally take over. Their set was raucous and the lead singer found it impossible to keep put on the stage, whether he was neatly throwing his guitar to his crew from the top of the speakers or dancing with the audience, he was on the verge of putting Jagger’s famous performances to shame. Molotov Jukebox offered us some solace after The Computer’s set came to an end, old or young you were dancing, you were singing and, most importantly, you were smiling. The Wu Tang Clan replacements then ended the night with a real kick, De La Soul helped you to continue moving through the night with all the adrenaline you’d need.

To be continued…


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