The Best Of… July

It’s that time of the month again. Yes, it’s time for us to get emotional and look back at all of that talent we’ve seen over the course of the month. And there’s been a lot of it too, so much so that we’ve had to post everyday and introduce the wonderful Alice’s Ice-Scream Show (which you can keep up to date with by following us on Soundcloud and Spreaker). We’ve even had the fantastic opportunity of attending Nozstock (Pt. 1 & Pt. 2). And so, without much of a further-a-do, we bring you the best of July…

Artists you loved:

5. Those Handsome Animals – Their aim is to save the world from repetitious charts, their sound rids us from the repetitious sounds of the charts and thus can already deemed successful. These guys have a sound that you will throw yourself at like you’ve no dignity left so you can totally understand why they’ve had such a good response.

4. Deepshade – Obviously a lot of people enjoy seeing masculine men dress as women to music as their review has managed to slip into the list under your command. Yes, the trio of rockers have created quite a scene with their video to latest single ‘Tattoo’ which you will be watching more than once.

3. Kai Altair – Exotic, dreamy, mysterious and daring, Kai Altair is the woman you want to be. She’s got the power, the allure and the wizardry to make such a gorgeous album so, if you aren’t prone to envious pangs, allow yourself to be drawn to her play button.

2. Zoya – Her vocals are the sound of gold so it’s obvious that you’re going to be in a romantic daydream with Zoya. The daydream is a beautiful one, it’s a world full of jazzy tints, alluring layers and open melodies.

1. Afterwards -They bring out the gritty side to that oh so popular indie genre, it’s a side that is rare enough to feel in love as the first note plays into your ear but popular enough that they have a pretty big following already.


Artists we loved:

5. Rare Facture – If you need something to get you through the night without sounding like you are having a one man party, Rare Facture’s latest album is your answer. It’s mellow but its ringing with beats and electro notes that leave you pumped enough to become the ultimate you, not the excessive you.

4. Latenite Automatic – They’ve previously settled themselves onto this list but there’s no proof better than a second appearance to show how amazing this collective is. I urge you to douse yourself in their showering of goose bump inducing tones.

3. The Elixirists – Their sound is one that you can’t stop listening to, it’s your dark fantasy, you’re poison of the night, your gasping release. It’s worth the entire evening you will loose get lost in the debut single.

2. Burning Astronomers – Heart-breathtakingly beautiful and emotionally powerful is something this guys take in a singular stride, their music is something which they truly care about and you can all but tell in their souls-stiring release.

1. Venus Rising – It’s inevitable that their song will finish and you will be left with the biggest smile on your face that you have achieved since you were youthful and innocent but, on a serious note, they will only bring the sound of goodness into your life while promoting the health of the natural world. What’s not to love?


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