ZIBRA // EP3000

Unless you either have bad music taste or have been off the internet for a solid 4 months I’m pretty sure you have at least heard the name Zibra floating around somewhere nearby. So, if you’re wondering why its ringing a bell, then this could by why: they are the saviors of pop. Now, I’m talking about becoming the new Michael Jackson or anything, i mean it as in they’ve been teleported from some foreign land to reinvent our music libraries, add a little sparkle if you like, a glimmer of change and originality. You could argue that originality doesn’t exist but you’ll soon nip that thought in the bud as soon as you submerse yourself into the glitched cyberspace that Zibra feature in their latest EP EP3000. It won’t be like anything you’ve heard for a very long time and will be refreshing enough to wake you up out of that dreary pop chart coma you and half the population has been left in.


EP3000 opens with ‘Paris’, a gritty track full of enough attitude to plant itself on the NME. And I think you’ll get what I mean when I say this track can satisfy anyone’s musical hunger; you could chew in the bass lines, fiesta to the beats and enter an acid trance to the melodies, and that’s all I need to say on the subject. ‘Sunscreen’ follows in perfect harmony, its got a soothing shower of electronic beats that volt down your spine with a flair of vocals that make the band seem pretty hard core (“And we never wear sunscreen / because we always like the heat”). Despite those rebellious lyrics, it really is the sort of track you’ll sing your heart out to to anything and anyone that will listen, including your unimpressed cat.

My favorite track in the EP is, without a doubt, ‘Flats In Dagenham’. You will be forced loose your shit to this song, whether your in the privacy of your bedroom or the exposure of the kitchen you will be taken over, body and soul, by the irrepressible sound of this track. Mesmerizing, enchanting, call it what ever you want, this track is insane. And you will love it. Matching the step of their other EP’s, this one again ends in a trance if sorts. ‘Planet Fax’ sounds like your dream version of computer game music. You could easily imagine slaying some mythical creature as you blunder down the path of a technicolor worm hole to a cave of plentiful treasures. And it works. It really works.

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