Friday On Elm Street

If you need a pop punk fix, I know who you need to look for: Friday on Elm Street. Frankie Alberti’s (AKA Friday On Elm Street) debut single ‘Dear Beth’ has just been released and proves a very exciting prophet for his debut album ‘Midnight Fun’. It’s full of that feel good, party-in-your-bedroom, sing-along-to-in-your-car-with-your-friends spirit that really defines the point of pop punk. The album itself is a belter, full of dreams of little darlings and a defining energetic feel. The 12 track album will comfortably fit amongst your Blink 182, Neck Deep and New Found Glory albums, unless you alphabetize your library, and will completely fuel your summer of music with an omph of heart.

Friday On Elm Street

The album opens with ’11:11’and is the answer to your dreams, the notes rise and fall in the most irresistible pattern that means you will be singing every word by the end of your second play, it’s got enough speed to get your heart rate up and you’ll be forced to smile by the honey-like lyrics. Following is ’28 Days’, its fast and a bit more raucous, making you feel unstoppable. The great thing about this song is that you can easily jump around in a complete frenzy to it whilst effortlessly harmonizing with those feel good vocals. ‘Crazy Lady’ pelts you with so many riffs you will end up with more bruises than what you’d get off of paintball. Its short but kinda funny, listen to the lyrics and you’ll hear why.

There are also plenty of American teen movie soundtrack anthems, ‘Midnight Fun’ and ‘The Babysitter’ both suite up as innocent and dreamy nods to that ‘boy meets girl’ / ‘boy gets girl out of his league’ storyline. The album also points out some important issues, ‘Family Matters’ being an obvious one. It reminds you that you should care for these relationships as Frankie belts “Shattered pieces of memories / Of the family that used to be / 20 years now gone to waste”. ‘My Girlfriend’s A Vampire’ echoes an important message too, despite the fairy tale story line. He depicts how he loves his girlfriend despite the fact she drinks blood and cant’t be seen in a mirror, reminding us that love happens despite the negatives of someone’s personality. True love hey?

Friday On Elm Street.

‘Run Away’ opens with some refreshing techno beats, it might thin the spell of pop punk but it adds another layer of irresistableness to Alberti’s lovable sound. As the lyrics suggest, it’s also the perfect escape track too, adding to its killer perfection (“Disappear off all of the radars”). Returning with more snappy beats, ‘The Plague’ plague’s you until you’re off your feet and your mind has taken you somewhere else. ‘Doomsday’ also has more speed. It’s angry, frightened and shoots you with a hard push of adrenaline before an unmistabely Blink ending in ‘Same Damn Thing’. It even has a Blink attitude, Frankie angsts “Fuck this place / I’ll stay in bed”.

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