Squadra Omega

9 tracks. 3 people. 1 album. You will lose your mind.

Squadra Omega are like nothing at all but are like anything you’d ever desire. They soothe every lump and bump of stress, they exagerate all of the contentment within you soul and they belittle your sadness into something with no power over your mind. Their latest LP is all of this and more, ‘Altri Occhi Ci Guardano’ (literally translated as ‘Other Eyes Look At Us’) brings you some out of this world sounds, a dolloping of rock waves and a tinge of copious other influences to produce an album that will boggle any listener, that will put them under a spell, that will mentally nourish them.


It begins with odd noises, a shimmer of percussion’s and the reverb of a guitar. It’s strange but ultimately compelling, you’ll be hooked until the second song where ‘Sospesi nell’Oblio’ shoots you up and sends on some soul discovering journey that would put Peter Pan’s to shame. There will either be red earth beneath your feet or wind beneath your wings, the openness of the desert or the infinity of the sky, but, either way, it gives you the necessary space to unfurl part of your mind that even you didn’t know existed. ‘La Nube di Oort’ only aids the discovery, it loses it’s noise and becomes a laid back congregation of notes and melodies who’s simplicity only raises you higher.

‘Il Labirinto’ steadily brings back the pace on a warped guitar string before rising into a tribal smoke that continues into the zesty composition of ‘Sepolto dalle Sabbie del Tempo’, a song which makes you feel like the koala in the Cushelle advert. Echo’s of danger follow it up in ‘Hyoscyamus’, a barren, gentle guitar filled 3 minutes and 47 seconds. ‘Il Grande Idolo’ and ‘Altri Occhi CI Guardano’ sound like descents into madness, the first is a clatter of noise whilst the second is steaming with sleek jazzy tones that slather you up in prep for the album finale ‘Le Rovine Circolari’. This is a track rains down some gorgeous guitar notes in an oddly normal track considering the bands lavish history of the beautiful abnormal.

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