Winter 1982 // Ghost

Birmingham duo winter 1982 have finally released something that we can call our own. Yes, their beautiful folkly tones have been encompassed with an intricate EP that we can put on the prize shelf of our music library. ‘Ghost’ features four tracks, all of which boast their heart warming abilities with a flourish of style. It’s truly wonderful to watch them flower in such a way.

Winter 1982

The EP opens with the title track, it builds up with gradually strengthening melodies and those shockingly gorgeous vocals. The only word for this track is incredible, you will be over thrown by the power of this song and find your heart racing, a little bloom of adrenaline will unfurl within. With a gentler beat and steady movements is ‘So Slow’. It’s almost as if it’s literally waiting for you, watching your step and taking the utmost care for you. It’s the arm around your shoulder, the squeeze of your hand, a kiss on  your forehead. You’ll want to personify this track and make it your other half.

‘Friend’ carries on the breath-taking acoustics. It’s that vocals of this track will give more envy than anything else, the sound just resonates within your soul. They are on the comfort level as the pitter patter of rain and the clang of wind-chimes. The final track of the EP is ‘Sometimes’, a song we only reviewed a few weeks ago, hits you in a wave of emotions that will only make you love Winter 1982 even more.

If you get the EP on Bandcamp, you’ll also get bonus track ‘Lost At Sea’, an utterly gorgeous track that you’d be a foul to miss out on.

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