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Ever wanted to know what made the artists in your music library tick? What albums inspired their own? Their personal musical history? Wonder no more for Mytacism Music has got your Monday Inspiration (well, Wednesday for now) to show you the albums that inspired the albums. And, for our very first inspiration post, we asked Downers frontman Bobby Pook about Converge’s ‘Jane Doe’, the album that planted the seed for their second EP ‘Noose’, a  slashingly brilliant and spine-tingling release.

What made you pick up the album?
I was really really into ska/punk and hardcore at the time. But the guys I started to hang out with we’re really into this like crazy heavy stuff. Converge, Dillinger, ISIS, all the classics. My friend Barry put me onto it I think. At that time, no one was talking about them really, we saw them in Manchester with about 30 people.

Where were you when you first heard the album in its entirety?
I was in my friend Barrys ghetto flat.


Where did the album take you on your first listen?
Well, I was probably pretty drunk or something, I remember thinking it was the harshest thing I’d ever heard. But I remember loving the Epic slow parts mixed with super fast blasts. The record takes you on a sort of journey. A really scary journey.

Why did it inspire your own work?
Because it’s just really well written, like, most people hear music differently if they can’t play a musical instrument. Even though it is SO heavy I appreciated the song writing, chord progressions / structure.

Are there any lyrics that stuck with you from the record?
Erm. Well I mean you can barely hear a single word Jacob Bannon “sings” on the entire record. But I did look them up at the time, really poetic. I think I learned the lyrics to ‘The broken vow” or something. “I’ll take my love to the grave”

Do you have a favourite track?
The album is one track to me, I couldn’t pick just one.

Do you have any particular memories attached to the record?
YES! Living in a hostel when I was like 16, Blasted this and loads of other heavy shit, intense times.

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