Jacob Davich

Embarrassed abut your James Taylor obsession? Worry no more, Jacob Davich is your new go to guy that you can openly love. He will warm you better than a cup of hot chocolate but with an added burst of energy. I’m not sure if its possible to not fall for him or his debut 5 track EP, his vocals are irresistible and wash over you in a cleansing swoop as you find yourself swaying, singing and humming along to every single song.


‘Don’t Run Don’t Hide’ greets your ears with it’s happy notes and high vocals. It’s a track that you have to sing along to, you have to move along to, you have to smile along to. It’s just one of those songs that will become a soundtrack to your life without you even realizing. ‘Call My Name’ slows down the tempo in a more emotion filled love song that has the simple possibility of becoming a couple’s first dance. The only way to describe it is as beautiful. Continuing the beauty is ‘Hold On’. I may be high on country air on holiday but it makes me feel as though I’m listening to a picturesque scene, one where the sun is slung low around the hip of cliff being tinkled by the ocean.

‘How You Gonna Tell Me’ opens with a piano riff that foretells greatness, a greatness that doesn’t fail to arrive in gentle goodness. But, try not to literally sing your heart out to this one until you have finished listening to the EP in it’s entirety as final track ‘I Shall Be Released’ is a glorious, soul-lifting being that you should not miss. It will graze your ears with the grace of royalty and stay in your memory for a short eternity, it is that wonderful.

He needn’t worry about his acting career, his EP will make you run out of ways to beautiful.

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