Jon Gomm

I am about to introduce to you to a wondrously talented human who makes the sort of music you could only dream of making. I’d hate to make you feel bad but he has more musical talent in his little finger than you or I have in the entirety of bodies (unless you’re like The Beetles or something) and he is about to release ‘Live In The Acoustic Asylum’ (8th September), an inexplicably wondrous album that will take your breath away and leave you in a musical daze. His name is Jon Gomm.

The first noise you hear on the album is the counting of  ‘1, 2, 3…’ which, despite it’s simpleness, forms an air of anticipation that welcomes the first pluck of strings in ‘Stupid Blues’. ‘Gloria’ will follow on to take you by surprise, his voice is softer then cashmere and the pumps of emotion make the the vocals heartwarmingly real. The guitar is is just as beautiful as the vocals, each note wraps you up in a vine of magical talents.  The album then continues in a blur of alluring charm, from the sly and slightly sexy tones of ‘Afterglow’ to the tingling momentum built up in ‘The Whether Machine’, there is no room left for you to be disappointed. And, even though it’s a live album, the recording quality is phenomenal so get your best headphones out, whack up the volume and shut out the world.

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