If you like the sound of synths and impeccable talent then you will be in heaven as soon as you press play on any Practice tracks. Their electro-pop sound is spectacular, they have just the right parts of electro to pop to make something that will immediate release you from the repetitive charts without being to alien for it to be hard to adjust to. The musician has just released his debut ‘The Yobbo EP’ on DIY label Brothers, Absurd and it is even better than chocolate, your ears immediately get submerged into a electronic soundscape with the dark creep of first track ‘Yobbo’ just as the light as air vocals descend in a beautiful and chilling mist.

Second track ‘Oh Lord’ is more out of this world, you’ll feel sightly galactic as the melodies whirl around you in a sonic dissonance. It makes me think of those whirly lights that children always use to annoy you with at the fair, there is a never-ending spin of highly saturated pastel colours that easily entrance you. ‘Grim City’ is just as light infused, the glassy notes and vocals mixed with darker beats work in an effort to romance you and it 100% works, you’ll be left looking like the heart eyes emoji pressing the repeat button every 3 and a half minutes. On a mellower note, ‘Long Winter Coat’ draws the EP to a close. It sounds just as the title suggests, slightly moody and slow with the punctuation of coldly toned vocals. That is until about half way through when things start to pick up like the change of seasons. It stops looking to the snowy ground and directs it’s gaze to the infinite air above.

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