Made in London, Ealswitha is a 5-piece alt-pop band who forge magic out of a few instruments and vocal chords. It’s a magic that’s so strong it’s resulted in them debuting in January with ‘Leader Of The Lost Boys’ and only a few days ago releasing their third song to a growing group of eager ears. Their latest musical outburst ‘Lithium Parole’ will only help the number of ears to grow, it’s an enchanting burst of energy that you’ll find hard to ignore. So hard to ignore that I haven’t stopped attempting to recreate the soaring, eccentric vocals for the past day.

However, the song we should be wholeheartedly focusing on is their latest single ‘Go’. It’s a whirlwind of high energy insanity. It’s the sort of song you relentlessly dance to, tirelessly sing to and incessantly play with your friends on a night with a little too much alcohol. An inevitable relationship will be formed with this song, one solely of love and full of spectacular memories. ‘Go’ is a song you’ll never want to forget.

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