Getting bored of your summer playlist yet? Of course you are. How do I know this? Because you probably don’t have an Arbes track on it. Their dreamy music is the type which feels like a cold shower on a stagnantly hot day and it will never stop feeling like this, hence it’s perfection for the soundtrack to the remainder of your summer. The Melbourne trio have just released a debut EP named ‘Swimmer’ which should definitely mean that they remove the ‘an okay? trio’ part to their bio’s because it’s pretty obvious that they are fucking brilliant.


The dreamfest begins with ‘Key Largo’, an appropriate name for the starting track of ‘Swimmer’ (it’s the diving capital of the world apparently). The only diving this track does is in the lush vocals, they dip and wave with an entrancing flair that will leave you starry-eyed and hypnotized. ‘Beach Side’ continues the trend of coordinated names in a similar haze of feel-good melodies which build up into a tingling momentum before ‘Swing (Abridged)’ ruins the trend and sunny haze in down-tempo and very short slow dance. After you get over the removal of the sunny trance and you adjust to the darkness you will absolutely loose yourself briefly in a selfless movement that matches the deliciously slow beat.

The fourth track is ‘Mango Fever’. It’s faster, more uptempo and lavishly riff filled. This is the song that makes you feel better when you begin to see the darkside, the song that reminds you that life might actually be OK despite the excessive amount of pitfalls. ‘Don’t Know What To Do’ sounds like the polar opposite of the previous but you’ll still feel good as as the song unfurls its magnificent petals, you’ll see it’s deeper beauty just before it soars you above the clouds with a rush of dopamine. The EP ends on a brilliant note, it’s mellow and as cool as a cucumber, you could easily picture yourself walking along with your shades on and a jaunt in your walk to this track.

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