Caspian is an American 6 piece band that offer you the only sort of escape you get to experience in your dreams. They are simply music, they have no vocals and have no distractions, allowing you to completely become someone/something else as their notes massage your eardrums. Their latest single ‘Darkfield’ has been taken from their fourth album which is to be released on the 25th of September and is a glorious 7 minutes of evolving deep rock sounds.

It begins with an intro full of danger and foreboding, it’ll make your skin itch but you’ll be hooked on it’s darkness. Trust me, you won’t even think about pressing pause. As soon as the pluck of strings shed a light on the ominous sea, you will already be on a journey that’s not earthly, there’s a touch of golden treasure and you know that the song will lead you to it. So, as the melodies evolve with the steps of your quest you’ll meet terrains and creatures and perhaps even self discovery. If you aren’t experiencing this then either your earphones are dodgy or you don’t have it loud enough for it to fully absorb you.

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