Keeyen Martin

Pop isn’t normally the type of music that makes it onto the pages of Mytacism Music but there is always an exception and today that exception comes in the form of Keeyen Martin. He makes pop music, a fun kind that isn’t full of pointless whining’s of not getting enough booty or having so much money you can wipe your ass with it. So well done Keeyen Martin for saving the pop genre, it might even be enough to make the 7 year old, Kylie loving version of me stop wondering what the hell happened.

His latest track comes in the form of ‘Suitcase’, a song in which he laments how “I’m tired of living this way so I’m packing my suitcase”. But it’s not just the adventurous spirit this guy seems to have that makes me love him, it’s that funky melody that is easily described in the comments as ‘dope’. It makes you want to pop your head back and forth and your hips side to side so much so that you might end up looking a bit like chicken. But if you are worried about looking stupid, worry not for I can assure you that when this song is played at a part, the whole room will be doing it and a new dance craze will begin.  So not only has Keeyen Martin saved pop but he is starting a new dance craze. Obviously he has some big things awaiting him the future.

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