Sunset Sons

Admittedly, I am should have listened to this band a very long time ago, they’ve been flashing in front of my eyes every time I went near the internet like a big neon sign. But, for some illogical reason, I didn’t let myself go near that play button. Perhaps it’s because I knew I’d fall head over heals for them, that I wouldn’t be able to stop listening to them for weeks, that this would be worse than my two month long addiction to Malteasers because that is exactly what has happened. Their latest single ‘She Wants’ is something I have found very hard to pull away from, it’s got some gorgeous indie vibes that will  make your fingers shake with both excitement and awe.

It’s a song that will inevitably become your favourite song, it’s raw vocals go right through you, leaving you to swoon for their power. It’s melodies then suddenly rise from the ocean like a whale cresting and you be left in the boat that is dragged along by it’s pull, a fascinating pull that will make you only want more after it raises your heartbeat in a glorious adrenaline rush. It’s lyrics are the final part to the charm, they will make you sing along with a smile on your face, if shouting “I am the only one, she wants” doesn’t make you feel good then I don’t know what will. The other tracks that come with the single are just as spectacular, apart from the instrumental version of ‘She Wants’, they all slow down as if they want to romance you. And they do. ‘Disco Bands’ is the song that will get the confetti to fall when played live and ‘September Song (February Version)’ is your slow dance at prom.

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