CHVRCHES // Never Ending Circles

You would have thought the trio would be worn out after all of their extensive touring, their extensive album recording and their extensive online battles with misogyny (how is wet hair objectification??). But, lucky for us, they aren’t because latest single ‘Never Ending Singles’ is so fully pumped with energy and freshness that I am worn out from having it on repeat the last few hours.

In all honesty, it doesn’t sound to dissimilar from their 2013 release ‘Bones Of What You Believe’ but I really doubt that that will be a problem for anyone. It’s furious synths will make you dizzy and the vocals will jolt you like the touch of cold water and it just works. It could be your wake up song, your work out song, your feel-good Friday song, it could be anything you want it to be, it has such a good chemistry that it will be the song you rely on no matter your mood. Bathe your bones in this glorious production.

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